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Who can demand a tax refund?

A tax refund can be to someone who paid more tax then they where needed to.

Why did it happen that I paid more tax?

Many times, there is a change in your personal situation, which is not updated in your employer’s salary system.
Its lead to deducted more tax than you had to pay.
In addition, work in part of the year causes

 Incorrect calculation in tax deduction and this can entitle for a tax refund.


How does a change in my personal situation affect my tax refund?

Here are some examples that entitle you to tax refund that if not updated on your paycheck          you probably deserve a tax refund.

1. Credit points for children.

2. Completion of an academic degree or completion of a professional certificate – qualifies for tax credit points.

3. Tax refund for alimony payment even if you are not registered as a divorcee.

4. Credit for a qualifying settlement

5. Income tax grants two credit points to parents for a child defined as incapable


How is it that the IRS does not inform me that I deserve a tax refund?

Filing a tax refund in Israel is not a legal obligation.

The tax authority is not doing an investigation into your personal situation if it has changed and this leads to a situation in which you may be entitled to thousands of shekels.

What is the tax refund I am expected to receive? Is it worth the hassle?
The tax in the State of Israel is among the highest in the world-

Any tax benefit that is not reflected in yout Paycheck can entitle to thousands of shekels.



Why not doing a tax return alone?

Many times taxpayers approach to make a tax refund themselves and it turns out that they are taxable.

In this case you will not be able to go back and claim that you do not want to file a tax refund, but you will have to pay the tax liability incurred by you in the particular tax year.

Filing a tax return with an accountant can prevent a tax accident and a higher tax credit.


If you worked in Israel, there may be money deposited for you in the insurance companies.

We can help locate and attract these funds.

If you have withdrawn a pension before the deadline You probably paid 35% tax

You may be entitled to a tax refund


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